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GI JOE Porn Story: Mr World – Chapter 7

GI JOE Porn Story: Mr World – Chapter 7


Disclaimer: I do not own anything period. Don’t sue , the best thing you will get from me is lint.

Wakie Wakie boys its a brand new day that God has illuminated upon our
souls. Time to practice the dance routine all together now, and for the
ever dreadful talent day to commence.

Shipwreck : Just five more minutes mommy please. I am so freaking tired from partying at the bar with those chicks yesterday.

Shane: I got news for you; those weren’t chicks

shot up in bed, pale and sweating. His were wide as saucers. He looked
over at Shane for some sign of relief, however, he did not receive any.
Shane met his gaze; simile; and walked from the room to Duke’s
quarters. He knocked on the door, and a dressed Duke walked from his

Shane: Meeting in office 304 at 1100, and its important Intel that was gathered as recently as yesterday.

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