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GI JOE Porn Story: Outfoxed Chapter 2

GI JOE Porn Story: Outfoxed Chapter 2

Quick Kick watched
nervously as Lady Jaye removed Beach Heads balaclava and outer
clothing. I guess no ones tried taking him out right away
before, he said. Man, is he gonna be mad when he wakes up.

Gung Ho shrugged.
Last year Leatherneck knocked him out and gave him a black

Yeah, well,
Leatherneck still got caught, Alpine commented.

I dont think he
was still trying to get in at that point, Gung-Ho replied. Hed
already set off the alarms.

Lady Jaye stood,
holding Beach Heads clothing. Im going to go change.
Someone tie him up, please. She ducked behind a thick growth of
bushes, and Alpine brought out a length of climbing rope. He secured
Beach Heads hands behind his back, tugging at the knots to make
sure they were secure.

They all stood looking
down at their drill instructor. Lying trussed up on the ground in
his underwear for a few hours was not going to improve his
disposition. Tunnel Rat jumped when Beach Head moaned and shifted
his head, and the group took a step back. No one wanted to be in his
line of sight if he woke up just then.

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GI JOE Porn Story: Three Shorts Chapter 2

GI JOE Porn Story: Three Shorts Chapter 2

Flint reached around
Lady Jaye and nuzzled her neck. How were things on base while I
was gone? he asked. Unfortunately, she was on duty, or he would be
doing other things rather than talking.

Mmmmthings were
pretty quiet, she answered, leaning back into him.

surprise attacks? Inspections? Drills at three a.m.? Flint
chuckled. Why do those only happen when Im here? Not waiting
for an answer, he continued to chat with her, catching up after his
month-long absence. And how did Bazookas weight loss regimen

Lady Jaye laughed, blushing a little. Ah, well

Thank you for coming down here, Lady
Jaye, Doc had said. Ive got a request for you. Doc had
gone on to explain that Beach Head felt that Bazooka needed to lose
some weight, and that he hadnt been keeping up with the others in
PT. Doc had wanted Lady Jayes help instigating the diet. It
shouldnt be too hard on you, Jaye. Just let me know if Bazooka
breaks the rules.

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