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GI JOE Porn Story: Diamond in the Rough Chapter 5

GI JOE Porn Story: Diamond in the Rough Chapter 5

Disclaimer: Characters in this work (GI Joe/ Cobra) are the property of Marvel Comics, Hasbro
and Devil’s Due Publishing, Inc , and are being used without permission. No profit is gained from the use of these characters.

Rowan Michaels (a.k.a. Trigger), Mirrored Reflections, and the Diamondback are of my own creation

Thanks to: DesertFox for her work, JohnF. , I would not know Rowan, if I did not know you, and to Jai for the push . . .

Diamond in the Rough

By Nickelina

Pushing Buttons

Cobra Commander swirled around in his chair, putting his back to the other people in the room. The deal he had just made with Extensive Enterprises would pay the company back for the money it had put forward for CORBAs present loan. By selling the smaller, not less pure stones to Extensive Enterprises, COBRA would be recouping their some of their losses. It would also allow COBRA to keep an eye on what was on the market if the diamond they were seeking would come from a mine they did not own.

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