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GI JOE Porn Story: Family and Duty – Chapter 5

GI JOE Porn Story: Family and Duty – Chapter 5

Disclaimer Please refer to chapter 1 for all disclaimers.

Authors notes – Please read and enjoy. This is a chapter I was asked to do by several people to welcome Ed (Lifeline) home. It is an ADULT chapter. Please be advised. Thanks to Storm O for the Beta! Please if you are under 17 skip this chapter and read on to the next.

Rating – R – AGAIN just to restate, ADULT situations you are forewarned.

By Medic (MedicLifeline)

Please read and review. Enjoy!

Chapter 5 Night Moves

A few minutes later, Lifeline followed his wife up the stairs to their bedroom. The small sounds of the children sleeping caught his ears as he walked by their doors. He peeked into each room as he passed. His boonie hat hung from the doorknob of Jacob’s room. Ed repressed a yawn as exhaustion set in. This was his second night home with his family, and he wanted to spend as much time with them as possible, catching up on all that he had missed. The day had been a busy and productive one for sure. He ran several errands that morning and then used the remainder of the day to rest and visit with Carla and the children.

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