GI JOE Pornography Story: Three Cut-offs Chapter Three

GI JOE Pornography Story: Three Cut-offs Chapter Three

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corner. Midnight.
Lady Jaye frowned down at the small corner
of torn paper she had pulled from her jacket pocket. She turned it
over, but there was no other writing. Her eyes crinkled in a brief
smile and her hand closed around the message, tucking it back into
the pocket.

She made her
way back to her room, tossing the jacket aside. She made and
consumed a quick dinner, following it with a long, warm bath. After
dressing again, she checked the clock, then sat down with one of her
favorite novels, glancing toward the glowing numbers every fifteen
minutes or so. At 11:45, she closed the book, switched out the
light, and headed toward one of the smaller base exits.

The moon was
rising in an otherwise dark sky, casting long, pale shadows on the
ground. There were no trees rising above the horizon, only the low
black shapes of the buildings. A light flashed twice, revealing a
section of metal wall. The flashing became a steady glow, masked for
a moment by the edge of the door, which closed again with a quiet
click. The light flashed again, once, and was dark. Lady Jaye
stepped away from the wall, striding toward the fencing that
surrounded the base. She slowed upon nearing the corner, stopping at
a sudden noise that sounded like the rustling of leaves.

the she whispered.

Over here,
his voice replied. Flint stood, revealing himself, features washed
of all color by the moonlight. His posture was relaxed, but gave the
sense that he was intimately aware of his surroundings, of every
small movement and noise: the scurry of a tiny lizard, chasing after
an insect; the hum of a bat passing over head; the figure moving
toward him in the dark. As Lady Jaye stepped closer, his awareness
changed its focus, becoming a sharp pinpoint centered on her.

Flint reached
for her hand, then resumed his seated position on the ground, gently
pulling Lady Jaye down beside him. Her eyes widened for a moment at
the crackle of leaves and the feel of soft wool beneath her. Where
did you get leaves? she asked, wonder tingeing her voice. There
arent any trees around here!

He gave a deep,
throaty chuckle and leaned closer. I shipped a big box to the
base the last time I was home. I was raking the yard, and I
remembered how you said that you always missed the change of seasons
out here in the desert.

Lady Jaye dug
under the blanket and brought up a handful of the crisp autumn
leaves. Taking a deep breath, she sighed and let them fall through
her fingers. MmmmI love that smell. Fall has always been my
favorite time of year. She glanced sideways at her companion,
giving him a sly smile. You did all of this for me?

Im kind
of hoping I might enjoy it, too, Flint murmured softly in her ear.

Duke would
throw a gasket if he knew we were out here, Lady Jaye told him.
The lights out status means that Cobra might be gunning for
the base. No exterior lights and all personnel inside at all times.

Wed hear
an alarm in plenty of time, Flint whispered, And I couldnt
think of a better opportunity to be outside and away from prying
eyes. His hand found the zipper at the front of her uniform and
gave it a sharp tug. She gasped as the cool air hit exposed skin,
and Flint moved his mouth over the area, his breath soft and warm
against the rising goosebumps on her collarbone.

Her eyes closed
at the pleasure of it, and she traced her fingers through his hair.
His mouth moved up her neck, eliciting a quiet sigh. She dipped her
chin to bring their mouths together, lips brushing lightly in a
gentle teasing way. Flint smiled briefly, then applied enough
pressure to push her back against the blanket. The leaves rustled
under her as she settled her full weight on them, and she breathed
deep as the smell of the leaves became stronger.

This was
really sweet of you, she told him, stretching out on the blanket.
His eyes glinted in amusement and desire, his breath quickening as he
held her gaze. He reached blindly behind him and brought forth a
second blanket, which he threw over them.

Dont want
to get cold. His teeth flashed white in a quick grin. Despite
the dark, Flints hands moved confidently to work at her clothing,
removing the barriers between them. The air under the blanket was
quickly heated by their bodies; Lady Jaye gave a grateful sigh and
snuggled closer to him.

They lay
together for a few moments, skin to skin, quiet, and still enough
that the small animal noises resumed their nightly pattern. Flint
broke the silence, his words falling as lightly as shadows across her
skin. I love you.

She answered
him with a kiss, sliding her arms around his shoulders and holding
him close. They moved together then, shadows merging, lines between
them becoming blurred. The moon moved slowly across the sky, bathing
the lovers in both shadow and light as their sighs merged with the
sound of the desert wind.

Flint held Lady
Jaye close, his head resting on her shoulder, eyes closed. She idly
traced the outlines of his features, letting her fingers follow the
familiar paths. His breathing eased, nearing the soft, regular
pattern of sleep. I love you, too, she whispered, feeling the
corners of his mouth turn up in a smile under her fingertips. She
brushed her own lips over his forehead, resting her cheek on his

He stirred,
nuzzling her neck for a moment before giving a short sigh. I
dont think it would be a good idea to fall asleep out here, he
chuckled. She nodded, but didnt move.

How did you
slip the note into my pocket without my noticing it? she asked

I have my

She tickled his
chest, dislodging the blanket from around their shoulders. He caught
her in a firm hug, trapping her arms. She struggled playfully for a
moment, then shivered and gasped, Cold!

Flint laughed
and sat up, groping for the discarded clothing. They dressed quickly
and gathered the blankets, walking back to the base, moving slowly,
hand in hand. They stopped short of the wall, looking up at the moon
and sharing a last long kiss. The light above the door flashed again
as they reentered, leaving the night behind them. In the corner of
the base, a small animal burrowed into the warm pile of leaves they
had left behind.

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