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GI JOE Pornography Story: Three Cut-offs Chapter Three

GI JOE Pornography Story: Three Cut-offs Chapter Three

Disclaimers: I
dont own these characters. I dont profit from them.

corner. Midnight.
Lady Jaye frowned down at the small corner
of torn paper she had pulled from her jacket pocket. She turned it
over, but there was no other writing. Her eyes crinkled in a brief
smile and her hand closed around the message, tucking it back into
the pocket.

She made her
way back to her room, tossing the jacket aside. She made and
consumed a quick dinner, following it with a long, warm bath. After
dressing again, she checked the clock, then sat down with one of her
favorite novels, glancing toward the glowing numbers every fifteen
minutes or so. At 11:45, she closed the book, switched out the
light, and headed toward one of the smaller base exits.

The moon was
rising in an otherwise dark sky, casting long, pale shadows on the
ground. There were no trees rising above the horizon, only the low
black shapes of the buildings. A light flashed twice, revealing a
section of metal wall. The flashing became a steady glow, masked for
a moment by the edge of the door, which closed again with a quiet
click. The light flashed again, once, and was dark. Lady Jaye
stepped away from the wall, striding toward the fencing that
surrounded the base. She slowed upon nearing the corner, stopping at
a sudden noise that sounded like the rustling of leaves.

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