GI JOE Pornography Story: GIJoe Snake Eyes vs The Red Guard Chapter Six

GI JOE Pornography Story: GIJoe Snake Eyes vs The Red Guard Chapter Six

Snake Eyes vs. the Crimson Guard Part VI

The elevator arrived at the top floor and before the doors opened Snake Eyes inserted the pistol down the front of his pants, then readied the rifle. When the doors slid back he looked left and right for Crimson guardsmen, but there werent any in sight. He then exited the elevator.

The Crimson Twins office was right down the hall, so he cautiously made his way down to the reception area just outside their office. He peaked around he corner and saw no one was there, but one of the office doors was wide open and he could see straight into their office. And what he saw was Scarlet tied up with black duct tape in a chair and gagged.

Furthermore, even though he didnt see them, he heard the sound of men working in the office. Then he saw one Crimson guardsman pass by the open door and walk to the other side of the room. He didnt know how many there were, but he was tired of this game and wanted it to end. He had infiltrated Extensive Enterprises because he thought a CIA agent was missing, but he turned out to be a double agent. Now Tomax and Xomat had Scarlet as a hostage, and he wanted her back!

He was about to storm into the office with his rifle blazing when the elevator beside the one he took dinged. Someone was arriving.

He pointed his rifle at the elevator and to his surprise Scalpel walked out; his rifle was also at the ready.

Well, well, well. . .Youre so predictable, Snake Eyes, he said. I knew youd attempt to rescue your beloved sweetheart, Scarlet. You may be a man of many trades, but you have one unrelenting, indistinguishable, nasty habit: youre in love! And that can get you in trouble, and it has. Women are so troublesome, and men are often blind to the invisible hold they have on us; we would do anything for them. Isnt that right?

Snake Eyes didnt move, his rifle still on Scalpel.

Im surprised a man of your character would be so deep in love with a woman that youd risk your very life for her survival. I would think you could be doing far more interesting things with your time. If only you worked for Cobra, youd have a much more exciting and rewarding life.

Scalpel and Snake Eyes were at a stand off.

You wish to kill me, he said. But what will you do then? Battle your way through a dozen Crimson guardsmen to rescue Scarlet? You wouldnt be able to make it pass the office doors. Your situation is hopeless. Surrender now and Ill be gentle with Scarlet when it comes her time to join me in my lab. Ill make sure shes well taken care of. He chuckled fiendishly, like the mad doctor he was.

Despite it was a mask, Scalpel saw a fleet glimpse of the man behind the mask, the warrior behind the facade, and saw a very dangerous, but also a very scared man, before Snake Eyes pulled his rifles trigger. But to Snake Eyes utter shock the rifle didnt fire. It jammed.

Scalpel chuckled again. Not having a very good day, are you? he said. My rifle is working perfectly. It was then that he saw a suspicious bulge in Snake Eyes pants. Is that a gun in your pants or are you just happy to see me? He smiled.

It was then that Snake Eyes remembered the pistol in his pants. He had hidden it there as a precaution just in case he needed it for just such an occasion. He reached for it and quickly pulled it out with lighting speed. And like a Western shootout, he shot Scalpel in the upper left arm before he could fire his weapon. Scalpel went down, but he wasnt dead.

Snake Eyes went over to him and pointed the pistol at him, yanking the rifle from his hands. Take it, its yours, he said. Snake Eyes took a couple of steps back from him and like the coward he was Scalpel slowly dragged himself into the elevator he had exited from and allowed the doors to close behind.

Snake Eyes inserted the pistol back into the front of his pants.

Snake Eyes turned back towards the office and threw caution to the wind, and stormed the inside. He laid out a volley of weapons fire, taking out all the Crimson guardsmen, until it was only him, Scarlet, and the Crimson Twins, Tomax and Xomat, left.

Tomax and Xomat had taken cover behind their desks, and now, seeing they had no place left to go, they stood up and faced Snake Eyes.

Tomax came around his desk and out in the open, and looked at all the men Snake Eyes had killed. What a waste, he said. He then looked back at him. Youre such a nuisance. Only a brute like yourself would bring upon such calamity and bloodshed, but what else would I expect from a member of G.. Americas freedom fighters are always willing to do what must be done to preserve the sanctity of whats so-called best for the country, even if they have to kill all who stand in their way.

I agree, Xomat said. We have his dear Scarlet, so we were expecting this. Scalpel obviously failed in his task to torture information out of you; well deal with him later. But as for you, one more step and youll be torn to sheds by our automatic torrent guns embedded in the walls. Theyre now activated. Any movement from this moment on will begin their sequence and kill every living thing in this room. So attack us if you want your beloved fiance to die for a futile cause.

They had to be buffing, Snake Eyes thought. Theyd be killed too if the torrent guns fired. Unless they knew something he didnt, which was a distinct possibility seeing this was their office. But if he could get to Scarlet in time before the guns fired, theyd be okay. But he couldnt take that chance. He then nodded indicating his surrender.

Xamot pressed a button on his desk to deactivate the torrent guns. Tomax took out a pistol from his blue jacket and pointed it at Snake Eyes. Drop the rifle now, he told him, and Snake Eyes did so. Some people are so uncivilized, brother, he said. Tomax kicked the rifle away from Snake Eyes and then backed off to give himself distance from his enemy.

Were back to square one, Xomat said. He went over to Scarlet and stood behind her, he also had a pistol in his hand. Shall we try again to extract information from him or kill him as Cobra Commander said?

I so detest throwing away valuable merchandise, but for the good of our most influential and subsequent client, I think we should abide by his wishes and do away with these irritates. Theyve caused enough grief.

Xomat put his pistol to Scarlets head.

It was then that Snake Eyes pulled out the pistol from his pants and shot Tomax in the right hand, making him drop his gun. This in turn brought the same pain to his brother, and he too dropped his weapon. Snake Eyes then fired a shot at the ceiling and both brothers looked at him stunned. I cant believe you shot me, Tomax said, holding his right hand. Youre insane!

My sentiments exactly, brother, Xomat said, holding his right hand as well. Even thought he wasnt shot, he felt the same pain. The mans unstable.

Snake Eyes waved the pistol and Tomax and Xomat came out into the open.

Snake Eyes then went over to Scarlet and ripped off the duct tape that gagged her. Ow! she said. Not insane or unstable, just in love. He then proceeded to cut the rest of her binds while still covering them.

What do you intend in doing with us? Tomax wondered.

She looked at Snake Eyes and he shook his head. Nothing, Scarlet replied, looking back at them. We have nothing to hold you on.

They looked confused, and then they smiled. They knew she was right. Both returned to a certain smugness.

Despite everything youve done, it wouldnt hold up in a court of law. It will just be waste of time and taxpayers money and end up being dismissed due to lack of evidence. Pressing charges would only be a bother, and testimonies are not enough to convict you. We came to find a missing CIA agent and we did, he was in your pocket. That is what well tell the agency. But that was his choice, and the only person that can held accountable is himself. But that doesnt mean we wont be watching you. Every step you take, every move you make, well be watching you.

You sound like a old eighties song, Xomat said.

Do you want to get shot?

Xomat smiled, and then backed off.

Then if our business is concluded, please vacant the building, Tomax said. I believe you know the way out. And would you be so kind as to leave the pistol, it is our property. Snake Eyes looked at him with a snarl on his lips. Fine, take it. Be our guest.

Scarlet helped Snake Eyes out of the office and into the elevator where they went to the garage. They got into Scarlets car, the same car they were getting into when they were first captured, and sped away out of the underground parking lot, and headed for the nearest hospital to attend to Snake Eyes wounds. Their excuse would be he was in a bar fight, because their mission was highly classified.

After everything that had happened, they had virtually accomplished nothing other than learning that money is a very powerful catalyst that can turn even a good-hearted man into cold-heart traitor to his country.


Tomax and Xomat viewed Scarlets car with binoculars from their office as it sped away down the street, and knew she was right. Any evidence, even the marks on Snake Eyes body given to him by Scalpel, wouldnt hold up in a court of law; it would all be circumstantial evidence. They had nothing on them. Without the CIA agent, they came out with nothing.

And besides, two agents of G. werent enough to topple the mighty economical power that was Extensive Enterprises. It would take a lot more than what they could do.


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