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GI JOE Pornography Story: GIJoe Snake Eyes vs The Red Guard Chapter Six

GI JOE Pornography Story: GIJoe Snake Eyes vs The Red Guard Chapter Six

Snake Eyes vs. the Crimson Guard Part VI

The elevator arrived at the top floor and before the doors opened Snake Eyes inserted the pistol down the front of his pants, then readied the rifle. When the doors slid back he looked left and right for Crimson guardsmen, but there werent any in sight. He then exited the elevator.

The Crimson Twins office was right down the hall, so he cautiously made his way down to the reception area just outside their office. He peaked around he corner and saw no one was there, but one of the office doors was wide open and he could see straight into their office. And what he saw was Scarlet tied up with black duct tape in a chair and gagged.

Furthermore, even though he didnt see them, he heard the sound of men working in the office. Then he saw one Crimson guardsman pass by the open door and walk to the other side of the room. He didnt know how many there were, but he was tired of this game and wanted it to end. He had infiltrated Extensive Enterprises because he thought a CIA agent was missing, but he turned out to be a double agent. Now Tomax and Xomat had Scarlet as a hostage, and he wanted her back!

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GI JOE Porno Story: The Come back of Sgt Goodwin – Chapter 8

GI JOE Porno Story: The Come back of Sgt Goodwin – Chapter 8

Chapter 8

The Plan

7 am-Next Morning

The Pit Briefing room

The Joe teams briefing room has become legendary, even mythical in the minds of many younger Joes. It was well known that was where the team had first assembled to rescue Doctor Adele Burkhart from a mysterious terrorist group called Cobra. It was where the team convened to decide what to after the devastating Cobra attack that resulted in the death of General Flagg and the New Jersey attack where many Joes were killed and a younger Dan Goodwin was injured. To be summoned to a briefing in the Pit was a sign that Hawk considered you a full fledged Joe.

The briefing on this particular morning included Joes handpicked by Goodwin and Conrad Duke Hauser, the longtime First Sergeant of the GI Joe team. While Goodwin had named his personal team and the leaders of assault units for the attack in Africa, it was Hauser who helped fill in the spaces with several younger Joes that Goodwin had never known. These Joes, along with the others, were in the Pits briefing room. Many were under the age of 20. All had heard of the legend of Dan Goodwin, just as they heard of Snake Eyes, Scarlet and others. The pits briefing room, entirely underground, featured a small stage. The room was circular and had seats that reached 20 rows to the top of the room. Almost like a small domed theater. On this particular morning, veteran Joes mixed with younger Joes to hear of their next mission. The difference between the two was that the young ones showed expressions ranging from awestruck to disbelief that the Joe known as Rage was actually in the room with them. While he was obviously aging, the graying and scarred figure that stood before them still commanded the utmost respect, and he had it.

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